Datacenter Virtualization

Today's IT organizations are suffering from a number of recurring challenges such as server sprawl, rising costs, poor return on investments, decreasing manageability and reduced efficiency. Virtualization technology tackles these challenges by optimizing the data center and IT infrastructure:

  • Server consolidation and containment: reducing hardware and operations costs by as much as 50% while reducing server sprawl and server underutilization;
  • High availability: increase availability by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime;
  • Better disaster recovery: implement disaster recovery plans at a significantly lower cost, remove hardware dependency and provide a platform to test the disaster recovery plan;
  • Reduced power consumption: by running more servers on fewer physical machines, power and cooling requirements are reduced;
  • Simplified Infrastructure Management: standardized management tools reduce the IT management complexity and the time to provision new servers is reduced dramatically.

Centix currently offers both VMware Infrastructure, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Your virtual server infrastructure must have the same management tools as your physical infrastructure once had. That's why Centix has invested in knowledge and experience in a set of best-of-breed tools for the management of your VM's:

  • Monitoring of VM's: with Veeam ONE Monitor or VMWare vCops
  • Backup of VM's: with Veeam Backup
  • Antivirus for virtual server: with TrendMicro Deepsec
  • Disaster Recovery of virtual datacenters: with VMWare Site Recovery Manager or VirtualSharp
  • SAN ans NAS with NetApp storage solutions
  • Network virtualization with Xsigo
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