Desktop & Application Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization architectures (VDI) involve more thinking than just out-of-the-box installing the VDI software.


At Centix, we believe that VDI is a very powerfull technology which will certainly lower the IT departments Total Cost of Ownership for the dekstop, while increasing flexibility and reliability for the end-user. It is however very important that the right architecture is defined: perhaps not all end-users need a dedicated Operating System; what is the storage impact of VDI; what is the licensing impact of your architecture; what about application virtualization; can OS or application streaming add value ? These and other questions need to be answered for Your particular situation.


An architectural design needs to be made on several levels:

- end-point devices

- protocol and connectivity security

- session broker

- dedicated virtual desktop or shared server based computing

- application virtualisation layer

- OS streaming or provisioning

- virtual server infrastructure

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Your virtual desktop infrastructure must have the same management tools as your physical infrastructure once had. That's why Centix has invested in knowledge and experience in a set of best-of-breed tools for the management of your VDI's:

  • VDI Assessments with LiquidwareLabs or AppDNA
  • Profile Management with RES Workspace manager
  • Enhanced Security with RES Workspace manager
  • Antivirus of virtual desktops with TrendMicro Virtual Desktop Security
  • Strong Authentication with Vasco
Trend Micro
Liquidware Labs