Cloud Integration & Security

Cloud Computing has become mainstream technology. The new world complexity now consists out of 3 clouds: the Personal Cloud, the Private Cloud and the Public Cloud 


Centix' experience with Virtualization technologies make them a privileged partner for independent advice on Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Cloud Services in particular. The Centix Cloud Computing Practice provides advice on:


Building your Internal Infrastructure Cloud


- How to extend your virtual server infrastructure to an Internal Cloud?

- Impact of Internal Cloud Services on Availability and Disaster Recovery?

- How to bill these services to your internal customers?

- Impact on Server and Application Centralization?

- Impact on Network, Storage and Security?

Consume External Infrastructure Cloud Services

- How to integrate external Infrastructure Clouds with your internal infrastructure?

- Impact of using an External Cloud only?

- Using an External Infrastructure Cloud as disaster recovery solution?

- Impact of an external Cloud on Network and Security?

- Tips and tricks on SLA management with the external infrastructure cloud provider

- Implementing your VDI solution on an external Infrastructure Cloud


Integrate and secure the 3 Clouds

- Single identity over the Cloud borders

- Follow me data

- How to integrate private and public cloud services?

- How to create a secure bridge between your private datacenter and public cloud services?

- How to develop a multicloud application?


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