Receiver for Windows 4.2

If you have been using Receiver from the Windows Store on touch devices like Surface Pro's and are using XenApp or XenDesktop 7, now is the time to upgrade your devices to enable full multi-touch, audio and video, Microsoft Lync virtualization, pass-through authentication, smart cards, and more!

Receiver 4.2 adds the key features of 3.4 (Enterprise) like Start Menu integration and Desktop Lock as well as numerous new features to Receivers 4.1. It is intended for high performance, anywhere access to Windows virtual apps and desktops. It can be used on domain and non-domain joined PCs, tablets, and thin clients using Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, and Thin PC, as well as Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2. Note that it currently does not support XP Embedded.

Here's what is new and improved with 4.2:

  • Start menu integration and shortcut management. Published apps can be seamlessly integrated into the Start menu, or delivered as desktop shortcuts. This is a configurable option for the administrator, who can choose between offering apps integrated into the Start menu, as desktop shortcuts, or via the self-service 'green' interface.
  • Enhanced user experience for Windows tablet with  full multi-touch
    • True multi-touch remoting. Users of touch-enabled Windows 8.1 devices can use multi-finger touch gestures with virtual apps and desktops that support touch. Requires XenApp 7.0 or above, XenDesktop 7.0 or above.
    • Touch access to  XenApp and XenDesktop. Users of touch-enabled Windows 8.1 devices can use basic gestures to work with applications which do not natively support touch. For example, single touch translates to a left mouse click, swipe up or down translates to mouse scroll up or down. Pinch and zoom are not supported.
    • Update Desktop Viewer toolbar. Adds access to virtual keyboard as well as Windows 8 shortcuts.
  • Mobile SDK for Windows Apps v2 and Citrix Hosted MobileMail v3.
  • Mandatory apps. Administrators can designate individual apps mandatory for users using StoreFront.
  • New Receiver Desktop Lock. Enables Receiver for Windows 4.2 to be used on locked-down thin clients and repurposed PCs for access to virtual apps and desktops.
  • USB enhancements
    • USB plug-and-play. Generic USB redirection, used for specialty USB devices, such as dictation equipment, is USB 3.0 ready in 7.6.
    • USB Device selection for seamless apps. An updated Connection Center allows users to manage USB device connections for seamless apps, offering a native interaction experience.
  • Improved graphics performance. Improved graphic decoding for thin clients using multi-monitor configurations at higher screen resolutions when used with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6.
  • UDP audio support. Enables native User Datagram Protocol to support audio with XenDesktop.
  • Webcam switching. Choose between different webcams when working with video conferencing apps inside a XenApp or XenDesktop session.
  • Open the Connection Center from the system tray. It's back and in Start Menu mode, you will also see Refresh.
  • Fast Connect Scripting API. Enables Citrix Single Sign-On (SSO) partners to rapidly authenticate users to Citrix sessions or desktops. Contact your Single Sign-on partner for compatible versions.
  • Bimodal domain pass-through authentication. Users can log on to their domain-joined endpoint using either domain credentials or smart card and go straight to Receiver for Web or StoreFront.
  • Smart card SSON for non-domain devices. Simplified logon means only one PIN authentication is required.
  • Session pre-launch enabled by default. When you install the Single Sign-on (SSON) component.
  • Enhanced installation logging. Install, uninstall, and upgrade histories are preserved for improved troubleshooting.

There are noteworthy changes to Receiver 4.2:

  • Disables use of SSL v3. To improve security. See for details and make sure that your environment uses only TLS 1.0.
  • Removes support for Merchandising Server.  As it has reached End of Maintenance. We recommend using auto discovery via email or server address for BYOC devices and software management systems for managed computers.
  • Removes Check for Updates.  The non-functional Check for Updates function has been removed.

One note: If you are using XenApp or XenDesktop 7.6, consider installing the VDA Hot Fix available at CTX141702, CTX141703 and CTX141704.

This hotfix solves issue audio after Session Reconnect, graphics responsiveness, image quality, and screen corruption in some situations.

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