RES software

Change in IT is inevitable. Operating systems will need to be upgraded, users will come and go, new hardware will be deployed, and technology will continue to advance in ways we haven't even dreamed of.
Today's desktops have grown tremendously complex, but RES Software helps break down the desktop into independent components that are much simpler and more cost effective to manage. RES Software helps you analyze, simplify, automate and manage each user's experience through one console.
  • RES Virtual Desktop Extender - click to read more!
    Patented and proven reverse seamless VDX technology provides the unique ability to enhance a virtual desktop with applications that run locally, eliminating the need for users to log into multiple sessions to access applications that can't be virtualized.

  • RES Dynamic Desktop Studio - click to read more!
    RES Dynamic Desktop Studio offers the full functionality of both RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager. Workspaces are fully secure and context-aware, and IT has full control and management. IT can also automate all day-to-day tasks and combine them into runbooks, saving time on about 80% of  manual tasks. Ultimately, IT can introduce service orchestration, where users can request services directly. The combination of these RES solutions results in a fully dynamic desktop environment that is prepared for future changes.

  • RES Dynamic Desktop Studio Lite - click to read more!
    RES Dynamic Desktop Studio Lite allows IT to start benefiting from context-aware workspaces in combination with automation of manual tasks. Starting with RES Dynamic Desktop Studio Lite prepares IT departments to take small steps towards a more strategic IT vision.


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