Stratusphere FIT


Liquidware Labs Stratusphere FIT ™ is the industry-leading assessment solution used by professional services organizations worldwide to assess current physical desktop environments in order to gain the metrics and baseline data needed to design image strategies and size and design the infrastructure in the data center. Our VDI Fit analyzer feature generates detailed reports to provide insight into an organization's application and user consumption of network, storage, CPU, memory and other compute resources. This comprehensive portrait of the environment becomes the basis for proper design and sizing of infrastructures resources and virtual desktop images needed for each unique group of users. Stratusphere FIT speeds the time to POC and initial pilot through to production by preventing design errors that cost both time and money.

Stratusphere FIT:

  • Assesses and baselines users, applications and infrastructure resources
  • Measures endpoint to datacenter network latency
  • Rates user and application fitness levels: Good/Fair/Poor
  • Supports capacity planning for CPU, Memory & IOPS per application
  • Enables design of optimum shared-image strategy
  • Allows creation of remediation plans before migrating desktops to virtual platforms




Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity™ is a cost effective, yet robust user virtualization solution that decouples the user profile from the OS making existing user profiles universally portable and compatible with any Windows OS (XP/2000/Vista/Win 7). The solution supports migration of Windows native user profiles and data to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Terminal Services, and Windows 7 environments. Unlike other solutions on the market, ProfileUnity can be deployed as a virtual appliance and requires no expensive back-end infrastructure or SQL servers.


  • Decouples user settings and data from Windows operating systems
  • Works across any Windows platform – Physical, Virtual, and Terminal Servers
  • Is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8
  • Does not require agent software to be installed on desktops, no additional shell environment needed
  • Does not require expensive back-end servers or databases; runs as a virtual appliance
  • Maintains data & user settings in native Windows formats so you're never locked into a proprietary data format
  • Supports application virtualization/linked clones to enable use of shared-image, stateless deployments
  • Supports user-installed applications
  • Provides a single migration solution for all of your Windows desktops, physical and virtual, no matter how large you scale


Stratusphere UX


Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX is a unique monitoring and validation solution that monitors desktops performance as well as infrastructure layers. Stratusphere UX provides desktop administrators with a single pane-of- glass to view virtual desktops to ensure they are performing to user expectations and corporate SLAs. Desktop administrators can also pinpoint issues for quick problem resolution, as well as use data to optimize the VM image for best performance. Stratusphere UX delivers an ongoing and constant rating of enterprise desktop performance– by application, group, or user -- and tracks hundreds of metrics on all integral layers of the infrastructure to ensure quality and consistent user experience across all desktops.

Stratusphere UX:

  • Is the only monitoring and validation solution for desktop user experience on the market
  • Provides end to end visibility - desktop to datacenter
  • Is easy to deploy - ready to use virtual appliance
  • Supports cross platform - Windows, Linux, desktops, servers, physical or virtual
  • Relates metrics to user and application names
  • Delivers visibility of multiple subsystems correlated by user and application name
  • Provides collated views of dissimilar subsystems
  • Offers deep network visibility at the packet level – both TCP and UDP
  • Operates as "read-only" for secure no touch access to critical datacenter systems
  • Advanced support for VMware ESX Server, VMware View PCoIP and VMware ThinApp
  • Is unique: seven patents granted surrounding network packet level identification and security

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